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antiGravity Turtle is a creative studio focused on developing unique games and telling engaging stories.

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Running and Painting


Now that I have a basic stand-in character with a basic starter control scheme, I am diving into prototyping gameplay.

Free Open Source Software for Game Development


For those interested in 3D animation, game development, or other related pursuits, forums and articles discussing the pros and cons of different software options are numerous. The end result of all of this analysis tends to be the suggestion to try the options for yourself, making use of free trials and then just pick what works best for you in the end. This advice is useful and practical, and I could almost stop this post there. Almost.

Prototype Game Character


Being that my goal is to create a third person perspective game, some kind of stand-in character to interact with the prototyped game worlds is an important detail, so much so that a simple controllable character felt like a necessary first step to me before I start anything else.